Congregation of Oblates of

Mater Orphanorum




Name of the Congregation:


Name of the Founder:

Father Giovanni Antonio Rocco; born in Cercemaggiore (CB) Italy on April 28th of 1913. He died in Legnano (MI) Italy on July 16th of 2003.


Date and Place of Foundation:

September 8th of 1945; Castelletto di Cuggiono (MI) Italy.


After the destruction of the World War II in 1945, in which many human massacres were committed, leaving also material, physical, and emotional disasters, our Lady of the Miracles in the Sanctuary of Corbetta (Milan, Italy), inspired Father Antonio Rocco, C.R.S., to found a new order to rescue the great number of orphans who wandered in the streets of Italy distressed and anguished, suffering the terrible misery. Father Rocco devoted “son of Mary” in love of her, hesitated to take this decision due to the many difficulties that he had already found.


“Mary” made herself “heard” with a gentle, distinctive, and decisive voice giving a command: “IT IS I WHO WANT IT.” On September 8th of 1945, Father Rocco with the approbation of Father Ceriani, General Superior of the Order Somasca, decided to open a rented house in Castelletto of Cuggiono (MI). With the help of two young women from Robecco of Naviglio (MI) collected the first orphans that in a short time they were hundreds. Father Rocco with the two young women, Mariuccia Tonetti, and Rosetta Paori, opened the door and welcomed with paternal love all lamentable cases, especially those who were needed of love. It was like bringing back alive to Saint Jerome Emiliani, the Universal Father of the orphans and the abandoned youth.

The religious institution “Order Mother of Orphans,” is the continuation of its institutional purposes of worship and religion, fulfills its religious vocation dedicated to the service of the Church for the good and salvation of neighbors in the work of evangelization, education, and assistance in all its forms. All activities are carried out without any profit. This mission is achieved based on specific participation of the different roles, having at the center of its efforts the people, and their stages of life.




The Oblate has her kingdom with abandoned children and young people. Over time, this kingdom is extended to the streets, and all places of destruction, following the example of Saint Jerome Emiliani.

The good education of the youth and the children will depend on:


  • The capacity of the sister in the different occupations she does as a mother of the family does everything.

  • Her perpetual smile and her constant good humor, which is obtained more by the grace of God than by nature.

  • Her Justice without making any exception of people.

  • Her knowledge of the catechism and our apostolate as true followers of Saint Jerome Emiliani.

  • Above all, for her charity that knows no limits inpatient and dedication.


“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me”

(Matthew 25:40).