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Name of the Congregation:


Name of the Founder:

Father Giovanni Antonio Rocco; born in Cercemaggiore (CB) Italy on April 28th of 1913. He died in Legnano (MI) Italy on July 16th of 2003.


Date and Place of Foundation:

September 8th of 1945; Castelletto di Cuggiono (MI) Italy.



Indoor children's home, family homes, kindergartens, nursing homes,

collaboration with parishes, house for spiritual meetings and retreats, soup kitchen for the poor

The religious institute "Opera Mater Orphanorum" in the pursuit of the institutional purposes of worship and religion realizes its religious vocation by dedicating itself to the service of the Church for the good and salvation of neighbor in the works of evangelization, education and assistance in all its forms.



  • September 8, 1945

The "Mater orphanorum" work begins with the opening of the first rented house in Castelletto di Cuggiono (Milan).

  • June 24, 1949

It was promulgated by the archbishop of Milan H.E. Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster, the decree of the Pious Lay Religious Association "Mater Orphanorum", which gives it juridical personality in the Church.

  • December 17, 1953

Legal recognition, by the Italian state, of the "Mater Orphanorum Religious Lay Association"

  • April 18, 1967

Decree of erection of the Pious Union of Oblates of the Mater Orphanorum into a "Lay Society of Common Life of Diocesan Right", by the H.E. Cardinal Giovanni Colombo, Archbishop of Milan.


  • September 8, 1985

Decree of recognition of the "Religious Congregation of the Oblates of the Mater orphanorum", of Pontifical Right


Superiora Generale
1° Consigliera
2° Consigliera
3° Consigliera
4° Consigliera

Attuale Superiora Generale Suor Haydeè Herrera e Consiglio 

Elenco Superiore Generale della Congregazione

Suor Giannina Fornaroli

1° Superiora Generale

Suor Giannina Fornaroli


2° Superiora Generale

Suor Enrica Panzeri

sr. lucilla e sr. Yolanda (2).jpg

3° Superiora Generale Suor Lucilla Passoni

Velasquez Sr. Giovanna.jpg

4° Superiora Generale Suor Juana Velasquez


“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me”

(Matthew 25:40).

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