Congregation of Oblates of 

Mater Orphanorum



The clear and authoritative explanation of the shield, which is granted by the Founder of the congregation in the first pages of the book of the Constitutions of the Congregation.

"The shield carries high with the words, Mater Orphanorum”, the monogram of Mary, Divine Mother of the orphans, crowned Queen, and below the image of Jesus Christ carrying the cross with the inscription: MIHI FECISTIS," which means “Everything You did for one of these my younger brothers, you did it to me" (Mt. 25: 40).

Mihi Fecistis are two brief words to indicate an immense, deep, and humble charism.

The Religious Oblate with a total Marian spirit has chosen to follow Jesus who carries the cross, working apostolically always and wherever for the orphans and the abandoned youth, for the elderly and all the works of charity, according to the example and charism of Saint Jerome Emiliani.


The end of the spiritual life consists in the most perfect possible union with God, on earth.

The Oblate will reach this union with God in her life, dedicating herself to the salvation of orphans and abandoned youth and to charitable works, seeking to fulfill God's will through them. For the Oblate, the will of God is "clearly indicated by the Constitutions". Therefore, she will attempt to observe them with great fidelity.

Besides, the Constitution enumerates other means to achieve renunciation of the world and union with God: devotion, silence, modesty, mortification, poverty, humility, obedience and abandonment in God, that is, trust in the Divine Providence. Furthermore, what has to distinguish the specific spirituality of the Oblate is the imitation of the heroic virtues of the Protector and Father of the orphans St. Jerome Emiliani, the liturgy, the meditation, the charity towards God and towards the neighbor, the consecration in the Montfortian spirit of the holy slavery of love to Mary Mother of the orphans and the constant imitation of Jesus crucified.

The spirituality of the Oblate is the specific spirituality that the Founder has transmitted. It has its roots in the spirit and soul of St. Jerome Emiliani, Founder of the Order of the Somascan Fathers, to which Father Giovanni Antonio Rocco c.r.s belonged.



The words of Jesus: "Mihi Fecistis,” which means, who welcomes one of these little ones in my name, welcomes me. The blessing that inspired Saint Jerome Emiliani and inspires every young Oblate who repeats: "the poor trusts you and you will be the help of the orphan".

The spirit of piety is nourished by the following main devotions:

  • THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS ​​adored in the Eucharist perennially, in the spirit of supplication, to obtain celestial gifts, of reparation for the ingratitude and for the injustices committed, of gratitude for all the mercies lavished on the Work, from the first day of life.

  • MARY, ideal to imitate, Mary Queen to serve, Mary Mother to love, Mary flag to wave against the evil that invades society, Mary Mediatrix of all graces and benign Mother of the orphans. Mary's devotion and propagation represent one of the purposes of the Congregation in its expansion, as a profusion of tender love, immense trust, and unshakeable faith in the omnipotent and divine Mary.

  • SAINT JOSEPH, the economy of MATER ORPHANORUM, the Provider of material goods, and the example of the Oblate worker and rich of the inner life.

  • The devotion to the HOLY ANGELS CUSTODIANS, in particular to SAINT MICHAEL ARCHANGEL, traditional devotion and inherited by Saint Jerome Emiliani through the generation of his children.


  • In addition to the devotions of particular Saints, the Oblates have devotion to those Saints, such as Saint Therese of the Child Jesus and Saint Mary Goretti who embody the feminine ideal of Religious Life.


The exemplary life of the passionate charity of St. Jerome Emiliani motivated the most sensitive heart of Father Giovanni Antonio Rocco. The spirit and the charism are liberated in a great Paternal and maternal love that God has and gives to the orphans, the widows, the little ones, the abandoned, the marginalized and the poor. Doing it for everyone to manifest God’s love as father and mother and the love of Mary Most Holy who is sweet Mother of the orphans.


Father Antonio Rocco (Founder of Mater Orphanorum), inherited the great love to the Blessed Mary and our sweet Savior from St. Jerome Emiliani (Universal father of the orphans) to spread it to the whole world in the name of God who is close to us. God is close to human misery and in the life of each person who opens his or her heart to God, whether rich or poor, good or bad because for God every human being is worthy in the death of his Divine Son: "My Sweet Jesus, do not be my judge, but my Savior."



“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me”

(Matthew 25:40).