Congregation of Oblates of 

Mater Orphanorum

The Apostolate of the Oblates of the Congregation Mater Orphanorum


The Oblate lives with the attended people as a true mother serving with the same charity of Saint Jerome Emiliani.  

The success of the Oblate depends on the ability to develop the various tasks that a mother does by her quality of natural order, her perennial smile, and her constant good humor. These fruits are not only by nature but also by an exercised virtue of justice that will help her not to prefer only a person but to love all equally. Above all, the Oblate will exercise the virtue of charity, which knows no limits in patience and dedication. The Oblate also acknowledges the apostolate and the catechism as true followers of Saint Jerome Emiliani.

​The Congregation Mother of Orphans is a missionary by nature and by birth, according to the charism and the will of its Founder. A charism that leads it to the orphan children and abandoned youth. The orphan children recognize the maternal affection of the Oblate that nurtures and educates them. The Oblate is also called to love those girls from poor families who come from the various poor towns where there are no schools, so she can lead them to professional education and religious formation, which will be useful for their future.


The Divine Providence or the faith and trust in the Divine Providence will become one of the important characteristics of the Order Mater Orphanorum Work; it will be an integral part of her spirituality and her charism. The filial devotion to the Virgin of the Orphans and the absolute trust in Divine Providence will always encourage the Oblates and encourage them to undertake different works of charity, to witness the infinite love of God for all those in need.

Italy, Europe

Guatemala, Central America

El Salvador, Central America

Colombia, South America

Camerun, East Africa

Angola, Uige

New York, United State



“Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, my brothers, you did it to me”

(Matthew 25:40).